Live To Solve

We’re always looking for exceptional people who refuse to be defeated; fearless problem solvers who love pushing boundaries, including their own. If that sounds like you, let’s talk.

Future focused. Human powered.

From top to bottom, Nerdery is made up of curious and talented individuals who show up to do work they love. It’s a career experience people put their whole selves into, and get more out of.

Quality of Opportunity

We pursue boundary-pushing projects and meaningful challenges. The impact reverberates beyond our clients’ businesses to the industry, individuals and the world at large.

Culture of Involvement

We are natural collaborators who don’t confine leadership to a corner office. Everyone is encouraged to step up and contribute in ways that make the whole company better.

Learning and Growth

As lifelong mentors and mentees, we take every chance to stretch ourselves and each other. People say they’ve learned more in their first six months here than in years elsewhere.

Room for Life

Happy, healthy, passionate people are the lifeblood of our business. So we give them the flexibility and benefits to make the most of their lives outside of work.

Recognized for all the right reasons