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How We Work

Built for Impact

Our eyes are always on your endgame. Guided by 15 years of hands-on strategy and execution, we ask the right questions, anticipate obstacles and create actionable plans going in. What comes out connects dots across your business with results you can measure.

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Passion for the craft

We are real people driven to create extraordinary things. We approach technology with uncompromising standards and an artisan’s eye. We treat our client’s challenge as our own, never satisfied until it’s solved… and then some.

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Nimble does it

There’s one way this should work: yours. We put the right people on the job, not more people, adapting our approach to the goals of each project. You get the bench strength you need without the baggage and overhead of a large consultancy.

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Speed to market

Get to impact faster. We bring everyone to the table from the beginning — strategy, design, development — to create and execute plans at the same time. Our teams work onshore in cadence with yours, reducing time and complexity at each step.

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Values At Our Core

Technology is our means, humanity is our foundation. We embrace a set of values that power our results, shape our culture, and lead to strong relationships inside our company and out.

Constantly push boundaries

We reject the concept of “can’t.” We’re hungry to learn, challenge ourselves, and outperform what came before.

Be humble

The best idea should always win regardless of the source. We solve together and share the credit.

Win by empowering people

Everyone deserves the opportunity to lead and experiment, to fail as well as to succeed.

Integrity in all Circumstances

Do the right things for the right reasons every time. Trust follows naturally.

Solve problems pragmatically

The end is infinitely more important than the means. We make things that work in reality, not just in theory.

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Nerdery is a solution-orientated team, focused on doing what's right in alignment with our aspirations and standards for operational excellence.